The Real Characters of The Riddle of Prague

1. Elizabeth Weston (“Westonia”)

westoniaElizabeth Weston, an acclaimed poet, was the stepdaughter of notorious alchemist Edward Kelley. Some of the male literati didn’t want a female in their rarefied circles, but Westonia’s writing won legions of fans.




2.  Edward Kelley 

Edward Kelley

Edward Kelley claimed that his flasks contained the elixir of immortality. Emperor Rudolf II threw him into prison twice — once at Krivoklat Castle.

Kelley claimed he could speak with angels. He convinced eminent philosopher John Dee that the angels commanded them to sleep with each other’s wife. And so they did.

Clearly, Kelley had a very persuasive way with words.





3. Sofia Brahe
sophie brahe 2

Sofia Brahe is best known as the sister of Tycho Brahe, the famous astronomer, although she was a scientist in her own right. She studied chemistry and astronomy and wrote histories of Danish nobility.

4.  SendovogiousMichal by the fire

Sendogovious was an alchemist who, for a time, was the Emperor’s favorite when he brought back a mysterious tincture that was supposed to have magical abilities.

Live Liuva LaridsdatterThere are other real life characters mentioned in The Riddle of Prague. One of these is Liuva Larsdatter who worked with Sofia and is said to have lived for over 120 years.





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